Live From Austin Texas


Live From Austin Texas

  • Label: New West Records


  1. Favorite

  2. Outro With Bees

  3. Behind The House

  4. Ghost Wiring

  5. Deep Red Bells

  6. Knock Loud

  7. Hex

  8. Maybe Sparrow

  9. Wayfaring Stranger

  10. Furnace Room Lullaby

  11. In California

  12. Buckets Of Rain

  13. Look For Me

  14. Alone And Forsaken


This album and DVD showcases Neko’s debut ACL performance on August 9, 2003, capturing songs from her three seminal solo releases at the time, combining elements of country, gospel and punk for a very unique sound. It’s why pundits often find the music hard to classify. Case’ voice has been described as lush, torchy, melancholic- even scary.