The Virginian


The Virginian

  • Label: Mint Records


  1. Timber

  2. Bowling Green (w/ The Everly Brothers)

  3. Jettison

  4. High On Cruel

  5. Karoline

  6. Lonely Old Lies

  7. Honky Tonk Hiccups

  8. The Virginian

  9. Duchess

  10. Thanks A Lot

  11. Somebody Led Me Away

  12. Misfire (Written By John Deacon For Queen)


Before being crowned a vocalist, Neko Case was familiar to Mint Records’ fans from her drummin’ thunder in MAOW. Here, Neko has stepped out from behind the kit and into the singer’s spotlight to release twelve amazing songs that stretch from out’n’out country stompers to lovesick ballads. Neko has gathered a trust of indie-rock and bluegrass legends as her backing band, including Brian Connelly (Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet), Matt Murphy (Superfriendz), Carl Newman (Zumpano/Superconductor/New Pornographers), Rose Melberg (Softies/Tiger Trap), and Beez (Smugglers) among several others.